The Non-Designer’s Guide to Design Thinking

What a Marketer Learned in Design School

Do you agree with this statement? 

 If so, this book is a good introduction to mapping out the overall picture of learning design thinking. This book illustrates the key components of mastering design thinking based on the author’s experience at the Institute of Design of Illinois Institute of Technology, one of the most famous Design schools in the world. The author highlights the difference between the business world and the design world based on his own experience. His big transition from the logical world of business, as former P&G marketer, to the design world. His experience helps non-designers learn design thinking by providing comparisons to business protocol.

The author categorized the key components of design thinking into 4 parts: 

1. Thinking: Hybrid Thinking 

2. Mindset: Creator Spirit 

3. Process: Human Centered Co-Creation 

4. Environment: Switching to Creative mode through Tools and Space


In later chapters, the author proposes the framework of how to start a career in the business design world and finally how design thinking might influence your well-being. This book is a compass for you, and and any non-designer, to start mastering design thinking.

In this book you will:

 Understand how non-designers can learn design thinking

 Understand the four components of a design thinker

“Design thinking seems to be increasingly important for 21st century business, but I’m not sure where to begin.”

Kunitake Saso

Current CEO and Chief Innovation Producer at biotope ltd. He holds a Masters of Design Methods from Illinois Institute of Technology, and a Graduate degree from University of Tokyo’s Faculty of Law. His professional accomplishments include the successful product launches of hit products, Febreze and Lenor, at Procter and Gamble (P&G). He then worked as the brand manager of Gillette in Japan. Later, he moved on to Sony where he launched the Sony Seed Acceleration Program. Currently he specializes in business to consumer (B-to-C) consumer goods brand design and in service design of high-tech research and development (R&D) projects.

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